Who are the Wiener Barpianisten?

Professional Pianists

The „Wiener Barpianisten“ are professional pianists. Beside their engagement at the Viennese Opera House, the teaching activity at the Wiener Sängerknaben or other fulltime jobs, they are playing barpiano at bars of Vienna loungemusic style.

Loungemusic at Vienna Bars, cafés and hotels.

Inspired by the atmosphere of great music in this beautiful city, these profs create a beautiful carpet of music throughout all places.

They are playing well known jazz standards from „The All American Songbook“ like „As Time goes By“ („Casablanca“), evergreens like „Love me Tender“ by Elvis Presley, classical masterpieces like „Hungarian Dance No. 5“ (Brahms) or worldwide known Viennese Songs like „Wien, Wien nur du allein“.

Austrian Jazz

Their passion also burns for an austrian jazz-legend: T.C. Pfeiler. At their playgrounds the „Wiener Barpianisten“ play his songs especially edited for Piano.

Their Speciality:

The features of the Wiener Barpianisten are:

  • they are well educated at universities
  • extraordinary talented
  • most of all they compose their own pieces of music!

Original Compositions:

  • Drafi Frantisek achieves numerous 1000 calls at YouTube with his great original composition „Apropos Heute“.
  • Thomas Pleidls romantic ballad „Far Away“ enchants his audience at the Hotel Imperial.
  • Stanislav Jenis caresses the hearts of Grand Hotel visitors with his beautiful „Where is our Love?“.
  • Reinhard Wallner brings a lot of amusement to the whole Bonbonniere Bar with his „Vanilleeisstanizal“.
  • „Walk under Stars“ is the famous masterpiece of Alexander Schramm who plays at Café Diglas.
  • Peter Galsai is streamed far more than 7000 times at Spotify.

Wiener Barpianisten as a Collective

The very best:

  • „Wiener Barpianisten“ play their own songs.
  • „Wiener Barpianisten“ are connected via their label Barmusik Records.
  • So they know first of all wether there is a new music piece composed by one of their colleagues. This gains an artistic dynamic, every one of the „Wiener Barpianisten“ is studying his colleagues new compositions, develops his own interpretation, wich he then performs.

Musicculture at its Highest Level!